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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers 2231

RUN NO: 2231
WHEN: 13th July 11
HOW: Take Pasir Gudang Highway, exit Bandar Seri Alam, go past the horse riding school, look out for hash signs (Universiti Kuala Lumpur sign) to turn left.

Hares : Moh Mun Tai and Flinstone
Runsite : Kuala Lumpur University
Run No : 2231
Date : 13-07-11
Monk : Son, it's time to go and fill up the water containers and make sure it's full cos we have
a guest hasher, Orang Kuat, from Kuantan joining us today.
Son : But it's only 3 pm and the run starts at 6 pm. Don't you think the water will be to
hot to bath? I would prefer a cold shower after a long run.
Monk : Son, I understand what you mean but we have this skinny and weak uncle Dog can't
stand cold shower. And at the moment he is on a very expensive placenta
supplementation, we don't want him to get sick, do we?
Son : But dad, I thought you hashers are very strong. You guys would run regardless of
rain or shine.
Monk : Son, your uncle Dog suffers gout attack frequently and always SCB, that is why he is
so skinny and weak.
Son : What is SCB?
Monk : Short Cutting Barstard. Son, you see, your uncle Dog always SCB and coupled with
regular heavy drinking and smoking and for over long period of time, it's taking a toll
on his body.
Son : Oh! Then we should advise him to stop all these bad habits and start running.
Monk : But son, we are a running club with drinking problem and we can't stop hashers
from drinking, in fact, we would not accept those non drinking hashers into our club.
Son : Dad, it's 5pm now. Are we ready to go?
Monk : OK. Make sure we have all the running gears in the car!
Son : Where and how far is the runsite, dad?
Monk : The runsite is at KL university in Sri Alam and it takes about 30min from home.
Son : Aren't we going for a coffee break before the run?
Monk : If we have time, we can have a quick coffee, Uncle Ahyoyo and SeeThru already
Son : Dad, today's traffic is pretty smooth and I think we may be able to make it.
Monk : Eh! You are right.
Son : Dad, your friends are still in the coffee shop. Are we joining them?
Monk : Yes son, you can get down now and order a coffee for me. I'm going to park the car.
Monk : Son, come and meet your daddy coffee buddies. they are uncle Ahyoyo, uncle
SeeThru, uncle LongCork and Uncle Joe.
Son : Dad, why is uncle Joe----uncle Joe?
Monk : Son, uncle Joe is not our member yet! There is why he does not have a hash name.
Son : Dad, it's almost 5.40pm. Aren't we going to be late for the run?
Monk : Son, the runsite is very nearby but anyway let's go.
Son : Dad, why is this Auntie reading newspaper under the hot sun when everbody is hiding
from the heat?
Monk : Son, this is Madam Lim(Loudspeaker). Newly wed and just return from honeymoon.
She is "Sin Chin Zi Lan Liang".
Son : What is "Sin Chin Zi Lan Liang", dad?
Monk : Son, when the heart is calm the body cools. Madam loudspeaker is currently at this
stage, that's why she does not feel the heat.
Son : Dad, it's 6pm now. Aren't we start hashing?
Monk : Son, the Hare uncle Flinstone is still waiting for his fellow Hare uncle MomMunTai's
call and your uncle MonMunTai is currently in Philippine, probably enjoying himself
so much so that he has forgotten today is his run.
Son : Dad, see! see! see! They are all started running now and are running fast. Aren't we try
to catch up?
Monk : Son, go slow lah. Still feel quite tire after last night heavy drinking with uncle
OrangKuat. You see, uncle ChinKu, uncle ShortKok and uncle Dog can't even make it
today. And furthermore, uncle Mongol and uncle SexCan are still behind us.
Son : Ok lah. But dad why are we going straight when the front runners and papers are
turning right?
Monk : Son, listen for(to) me. Your dad has been hashing for more than 30 years, and I am
sure the run will be an anticlockwise one. Very soon we will be in front of the front
Son : Dad, we have been walking for a lomg time now and we haven't seen any hash papers
or hashers at all. In fact, I could hear a faint On! On! call on the far rignt. Are we on the
the wrong trail, dad?
Monk : Son, you are right. Dad just made a wrong judgement today. This cunning Hare is
doing a clockwise run and try to make the hashers go through the monsoon drains.
let's u turn back.
Son : Dad, see! The front runners are out on the home trail and are dashing towards the
beerwagon. And the first one seem like a young man to me.
Monk : Son, he is a guest hasher brother PhuaChooKang and he has been running with us for
quite sometimes now.
Son : Why is he still a guest and not a member?
Monk : The club committees would have to decide on this. Anyway, what's the time now?
Son : It's 7pm, dad.
Monk : So, I guess today is a recent run since the FROPs are able to reach home in an hour.
Son : What's FROP?
Monk : Front Runners On Paper.
Son : Dad, are we going to shower now?
Monk : Son, let all your uncles shower first. we will do it last.
Son : Dad, it's almost 8pm. why are you still not showering? The circle is about to start,
you kown.
Monk : Ya, ya, son, can you first bring my chair to the circle and make sure we setting
beside uncle Orangkuat, uncle Mongol, uncle SexCan, uncle BigPotato, uncle
MoneyKhoo, uncle SeeThru and uncle Jockey. They are all your daddy drinking
Son : Ok.
Son : Dad, who is this uncle shorty? It seemed like he can't even sing a proper hash song.
Monk : Son, behave yourself. He is uncle Handsome and he had been away for a month
from hash, let's why he is a bit dusty.
Son : Dad, why is this uncle MoneyKhoo can't even differentiate the title Dato', Datuk,
TanSri and Tun, and call you TanSi? What is TanSi?
Monk : Son, this uncle MoneyKhoo is a bit senile, he has been going around irritate everyone.
I think he is a potential Parkinson victim. By the way, TanSi means "waiting to die".
Son : Dad, It's almost 9pm, aren't we going for dinner? I'm a little hungry.
Monk : Patience son. Why didn't you have some food when you are out at the runsite?
Son : I thought it's meant for member only.
Monk : Son, let's go for dinner and I'm sure the Hares will provide us very good food. By the
way, FooToo Restaurant always cook good food.
Son : Dad, the food is really delicious. I love the fish with yam in the claypot, crab porridge
and the butter fry beans.
Monk : Son, then you better eat morre, for we all drink more than we eat.
Son : Dad, why are they singing the birthday song? Are the Hares actually born today.
Monk : No lah. This is to show appreciation to the Hares for the food and the organization of
today's hash event, especially when the dinner is FOC.
Son : Dad, are you still going to drink? It's pass 1am now and look, this uncle fatty is
already sleeping and uncle Flinstone still want to order the last 2 bottles.
Monk : Son, I think we better call it a night and he is not uncle fatty, he is uncle Bulldozer.
And please say thank you to uncle Flinatone to allow you, an underage child, to
participate in today hashing event, and also thank followig uncles who are willing and
able to accompany your dad to drink until this wee hour in the morning.
Son : Thank uncle Flinstone, uncle SohBig, uncle Bulldozer, uncle OrangMinyak, uncle
Bigpotato and of course uncle restaurant owner. ON! ON!

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