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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2178

Run : 2178
Date 7th July 2010
Runsite : Taman Perindustrian Plentong (Ah Pooi's factory).
Hare : Sludge 019-7779626 & RotiMan 012-7786889.

寄件者 Cola

寄件者 Cola

Run No. 2179 07-07-2010

Hare : Sludge & Rotiman

Run-site : Central Label Sri Plentong (Ah Pooi’s factory)

It has been awhile that we were at this run-site and similar to previous time,
it was drizzling when the run started. But that didn’t deter us the die hard
hashers – come rain come shine, the run will go on. ON ON !!
This time, the entry point was beside the Hitachi factory and into the
plantation and return behind Ah Pooi’s factory. It was a good run with 2 far
apart checks.
Back at the runsite, golden crisps of sweet potatoes and curry puffs greeted us
together with sweet wrappings of glutinous rice.
By seven odds, the FRBs were back.
Circle was called by Joint Master Flinstone.
Commercial by Itchy Kang had fallen to deaf ears.
Our once-in-a-while appearance Whip – Jackass took over the circle and gave a
boring lecture of “LOVE”.

Those short of it were iced.
Mongol’s ass kissed the block of ice for his concoction of beer & hard liquor
that sent him drunk and landed in the drain the previous week. Abandon by his
On On was at Bai Her – Taman Molek.
If not for the hares’ subsidy, what would you expect out of a 6 course meal for
a mere 10 bucks.

Thank you hares of the week…..ON! ON!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2177

Run : 2177
Date 30th June 2010
Runsite : Seri Alam.
Hare : Old Devil 019-7292675 & Washer 019-7773879.

寄件者 Cola

JBHHH RUN No. 2177 (30-06-2010)

Virgin Hares OLD DEVIL and WASHER set this commendable run at SERI ALAM BIG VALLEY
RANCH with an army of co-hares led by FLINTSTONE and ITCHY KANG, with cameo
appearances of SEE THROUGH and ZHUMICHONG and many other hangers-on who tagged
along for the sake of the Hares’ free beer and bakuteh! These mercenary
bastards were there early having a party while the runners drove in. In fact it
was rather surprising to see so many cars even at the turn of 1700 hr. These
Hares must be damn popular or perhaps they have SMS to everyone to come early
for the beer party!

The run was a new twist to the old tale; instead of covering the usual terrain to
the left of the equestrian paddocks, the Hares brought us up to the erstwhile
Galaxy Tower for a brief ramble along the shady path below the hill. A quick
descent to the quarry area saw a huge contingent of SCBs beating an early
retreat. The paper-adherents surged forward to the heart of the dusty
Transcrete Quarry; Botak Yeng unabashedly directed traffic at a pivotal
junction that separated the men from the boys! He beckoned to Indomee to follow
paper up the steep slope while he led his band of merry-men on a walk following
the lorry tracks! From below we could espy the front-runners scaling the alpine
heights in an Indian file! The SCBs finally met the frontrunners at the First
Check which almost snafu the run! Lao Chee, Ironman, CCB and a host of checkers
descended on the foothills cursing and swearing that they had run a full circle
to no avail; paper was finally found atop a rocky escarpment and the chase then balanced its way on the
edge on the perilous precipices!. One-Night-Stand was seen posing a
One-Man-Stand atop a cliff trying to figure out how to come down; some wise guy
hailed at him to take a dive! The runners then ventured into the high-tension
area and departed from the rocks and went into the palms. The Second Check was
laced with three off-shoots! According to ASSASSIN HENG the blasted check came
with a bonus of three ‘sub-checks’, but this didn’t fool the FROPs as most of
old cocks know this terrain like the folds of their scrota! Where the Third
Check was eludes the memory of this scribe, but suffice it to say the front
Olympians broke it even before Bulldog could lift his leg for a pee! The GM and
her entourage comprising her escort, (or paramour?), GOUXIONG were stranded
after the third check and came back rather late with mouthful of expletives! Were
they lost because they were having a romantic frolic off-paper!? That you have
to ask them!

Back at the site there was plenty of mee-siam and curry-puffs to even satiate the
horses in the corral! And soon the complaints evaporated like the horses’
urine! Circle was for once whipped by, (who else?), the Whip-lah! He made a rare
appearance and did a credible job whipping up some cream in his unique style,
with the most unlikely and unexpected offenders being roped in for offences
which only he can perceive! It was a welcome change. The GM closed proceedings
at the usual hour and we re-gathered at FOO TOO for the grub which was
generously declared FOC by the Hares and once again the crowd was bought over!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2176

Run : 2176
Date 23rd June 2010
Runsite : Taman Setia Indah.
Hare : Coca-Cola 012-7719770 & Terko Lieang 012-7716022
寄件者 Cola

寄件者 Cola

Hares: Terko Liangand Coca ColaRunsite : SetiaIndah

Runsite – Rainheavily afternoon, still raining when I arrive at runsite. Hare burn kim chuarand rain stop I heard. We parked behind unused shop houses. Common runsite,used to run here many times before. Turnout was about 130, more than usual withguest from Gunung Pulai HHH, Batu Pahat HHH, Melaka Orang Utan and Kulai HHH….invites of the Hares.
Run – Veryslippery after rain. Very muddy also. Everybody’s shoes filled with mud. Haveto cross one river, water up to waist. Lau Cha Bohs like Kim Chee, Anti Climaxalmost got swept away by water current. Long run, about 11km. Flat ground running, almost can callmotorbike run. Three checks in all, and with this kind of motorbike run frontrunners like Soh Arse, Iron Man, Killer Heng can show off and were top three ifI remember. Flinstone also very fast today, came in forth.

Circle – Bigcircle with so many visiting chapters such as Tiau Ni, OKC, Boh Chia Lan,Konkek, Loh Hai etc etc to name a few. Free flow of Carlsberg. Also got Fosterbeer . Some Keh Kiang co hare keep the foster to himself and give to peoplethat he likes only…. Like Chinese say, people’s backside skin, use as his ownface skin. Plenty Plenty of finger good, pohpiah, kueh, duck feet, etc etc.Hash Whip not around so Handsome took over.

On On ON – At MsLoo aka Loudspeaker Bok Restaurant. 9 tables strong. Some tables got 18 yearswhiskey. Others enjoy ‘canon’ 5 litres Johnny Walker and free flow Carlsberg.Food here is always good especially the crispy duck and shark cartilage. Freemakan for all again. Hare’s Teochew How Lian colour shinning very brightly. We all had a good time today, thanks tothe hares…..

Old Devil Watcher

Friday, June 11, 2010

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2175

Run : 2175
Date 16th June 2010
Runsite : Desa Tebrau.
Hare : Mongol 016-7231331 & Bulldog 019-7774480.
寄件者 Cola

寄件者 Cola

JBHHH RUN No. 2175 (16th June, 2010 coinciding with the Fifth Day of the Fifth Moon in the Year of Gengyin-Duanwu Jie)

The run-site was at the pristine and immaculate car-park of DESA TEBRAU. And the day was Duanwu Jie-端午节 (or the Bakchang Festival) on the 5th day of the 5th Moon of the Lunar Calendar, but despite the seniority and reputation of the twin hares, MONGOL-朦哥 and BULLDOG-哈巴狗, (ex-GMs), the turnout, by our standards, was dismal. This is perhaps due to folks staying home to celebrate the festival with their respective families or the World Cup fever.
Before the onslaught, someone has a whiff of the tribulations ahead and soon the rumour spread like wild-fire and this resulted in more than three quarters having their own stroll instead of following the torturous trail beyond the lofty pipe! And to confirm their apprehensiveness, co-hare ZHUMICONG-蛀米虫 was seen connecting paper from the distant pastures behind Puteriwangsa! Notwithstanding this alarm-bell the paper-adherents braved forth to scale the great undulations of the pipe and ventured into the vast wilderness of the Tiram Estate; this puerile forage, according to Moh Man Thai, was a manifestation of the Hares’ brainlessness! According to the Yank it was needlessly long and rather drab and lacking in imagination! He surmised there were only two checks, but Assassin Heng said there were three and he found the last two while guest Pangsai cracked the first. The home trail came via the bushy hinterland of Puteriwangsa and the adjacent Pelangi Indah pipe. The first finisher was the guest from the Hazards, Pangsai-放屎, in about 90 minutes! The run was well over 11 clicks and the last to come back to the corral was the pachyderm Bulldozer, at almost 8! The Hares cunningly (both were good at cunnilingus!) bribed us with humongous rice-dumplings to cement our moaning mouths!
After the vulgar gesticulation of the Swing Low, LSB老师碧哥 gave a fair rendition of two hash hymns and then the one-ring circus began in earnest with Handsome-寒酸佬standing in as the acting Whip; this is becoming a norm, might as well appoint him permanently and sack the malingerer! After the entire platoon of hare and co-hares were pilloried for the inane and long trail, the offenders were hauled up to freeze their asses; LSB took the brunt of the whippings as he froze five times! Pang Leo-放尿 took to the floor and condemned all the witches to the stake! As the level of inebriation rose the floor-takers stirred from their slumber and were all clamouring for more blood! This augurs well for our Hash!
The spectacle was over at the usual hour and we broke up to take a winding drive to Bai He-百合 Restaurant in Molek for a scrumptious meal; RM10 per head was collected and the entire proceeds was topped up by some generous well-wishers and augmented by our club’s contribution of a further RM2000 to a grand total of RM4000 to be donated to a hashman’s son’s medical expenses; bravo JB HHH!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2174

Run : 2174
Date 09th Jun 2010
Runsite : Taman Impian Emas.
Hare : Koh Kiam Chai 019-7790363 & Bak Kua 012-7276600.
寄件者 Cola

寄件者 Cola

Run No : 2174

Hare : Koh Kiam Chai and Bak Kua Runsite: Impian Emas

It was hot today but that did not dampen the spirit of 80 odd hashmen who showed up at the runsite. Of the two hares, Koh Kiam Chai was a veteran runner, so , we were expecting a little bit more on the run. ON ON was called at six pm and the SCBs and FRBs start running on the road to the runsite. In trail was a good 3km ‘motorbike’ ( a term used by JBHHH to describe a monotonous open flat trail, as if you can lay the run on a motorbike) run before we finally enter the forest. We had quite a few guest from Skudai HHH with familiar faces such as Teh Kaya and Karat. There is also Phua Cho Kai from Kulai HHH, a more familiar face on facebook that has been facebooking all the hash drama. First check was discovered by him and at this stage, we could see our FRBS such as Si Pay Song, Iron Man, Wonder Woman and Anti Climax dashing forward.

The trail took us across the railroad into a vegetable farm and second check. The FRBs managed to break the check at the far end of the farm and from here we crossed the highway. There was plenty of running, we later found out that the trail was about 11km long with three checks.

Soh Arse and Iron Man took a good lead and reached home in 1 hr and 20mins. See Pay Song arrived around 1hr and a half. Last runner arrived at 8.00pm. This would have been classified as a ‘hash shit’.

Our hash whip Jack Arse was picking up speed. Disco, after a long absence, took the floor open section and as expected, long cock was put on ice…old habits die hard…

On On ON was at the Impian Emas restaurant, a good six tables. Noticibly, one table was filled by Skudai chapter, a strong support they show for Kok Kiam Chai. Thank you hares for the good run, food and fun..

Cor Yu Loi, Yue Yu Loi

Johor Bahru Hash Chapters

JB HHH - Wednesday – Mixed ; 6.00pm (Founded : January 1967) by A. Lammers.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM10-00 Contacts: Ice Cream Tel : 019-7711556.

TANJUNG PETRI HHH – Monday – Men ; 6.00pm (Founded : 9-11-1979)Beer : TIGER GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: Jaya Botak Tel : 019-7705007.

GUNUNG PULAI HHH – Tuesday – Men ; 6.00pm (Founded : 8-12-1998) by Koh Teng Chu.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: OKC GM Tel : 016-7120355.

JB HASH HOUSE HAZARDS – Thursday – Men; 6.00pm (Founded : 11-4-1996) by Simon Chan.Beer : TIGER GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: Lim Seng Bok Tel : 019-778 5577

KULAI HHH – Friday – Mixed ; 6.00pm (Founded : 2-3-1978) by Lam Chon Fa.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM10-00 Contact: Ikan Bilis +6019 778 9925.

KOJAK HASH - Run every 2nd Friday of the month Mixed :5.30pm (Founded : 14th Aug 2009)By Moh Man Tai . RM 20.Contact : Moh Man Tai Tel : 012-7103306

JCSC HHH - Run every last Friday of the month – Mixed ; 6.00pm (Founded : 28-12-2007) .Beer : Tiger. GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: Bernard Tel : 016-7233330.

JB BICYCLE HASH - Friday -Mixed .5.30pm.Founded GM Lee Fook Heng ,Contact : Mongol Yap Tel : +6016 723 1331.

JB CITY HASH – Saturday – Mixed ; 5.30pm (Founded : 1-1-1994)by K.Y. Teh.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM15-00 Contacts:Disco Singh Tel : 012-700 2868

KOTA TINGGI HHH – Sunday - Mixed ; 5.30pm (Founded on 31-12-1990) by James Ooi.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM10-00 Contacts: KCB Tel : 019-770 4676.

SKUDAI HHH - Sunday- Mixed : 5:45pm. Guest Free : RM 10 .Contact : Double V 013-7754382.



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