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Thursday, October 29, 2009

JBHHH Dinner & Dance 2009

2009-10-31 JBH D&D 2009

D&D 1

Halloween Night * 万圣节化妆舞会 *
JBHHH Dinner & Dance

Date : 31st Oct 2009 Venue : New York Hotel / 25th Floor
Registration start : 6pm
**There will be 2 makeup artist to make you look special for D & D night.
Please be there at time 6:00pm

From Cola

JBHHH 2007 Dinner & Dance Pictures...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deepavali Run 2009

Run : 2142
Date 28th Oct 2009
Runsite : Taman Pelangi Indah.
OC : Kanasai 019-7771961.

From Cola

Run No.2142
Deepavali Run
OC : Kanasai & Indomee
Pelangi Indah


The evening was overcast & drizzling as I drove to the run site. When I reached the run site, the drizzle has stopped. There was a tent erected for the evening festivities.
In the tent, a hasher was taking down names for the Christmas run and out station run, another was taking attendance for D&D, and registration for the Deepavali run. The turnout was less than a hundred.
The run started at 6pm. The beginning of the run, there were many gallies to traverse and a steep slope. I was one of the SCBs and soon we were making our own run.
Arrived back at the run site at 6.45pm. The last runner came out at around 8pm.
Circle was called at 8.10pm. The usual defaulters for one reason or another were iced. Circle ended at 9.15pm.
The food was buffet style, good Indian curry chicken and mutton and etc…
All good things must come to an end. Everyone called it an early night and dispersed around 11pm.
Thank you for a very enjoyable Deepavali run.
On On

2009-10-29 Deepavali Run 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2141

Run : 2141
Date 21st Oct 2009
Runsite :Seri Austin .
Hare : Very Good (Goh Baby) 012-7890760

From Cola

Hare : Itchy Kang 016-7783106.
From Cola

Hare : Itchy Kang & Very Good
Run Site : Seri Austin
Run No : 2141
Date : 21/10/2009


Hello pundek! I arrived to the run site around 5.26pm. Upon arrival, the sepak takraw gang was heading and kicking as usual. I remembered running in this run site long time ago, when the shop houses were not completed yet.

After checking in, I was busy handling for the Deepavali run registration and the collection of fee. At 6.00pm, the hare called all the hash members and guests to gather around, gave some briefing and showed the route for the run. Around 100 members and guests turned out for this run.

The run begun from the road for quite a long distance before entering the Oil Palm Plantation area. It was indeed a nice run until we reach the 1st checkpoint. The thrilling experiences and confusions set in motion as all the hashers were going in different directions to look out for the paper. This reflects the noble heart of ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’ in using less papers in the effort of reducing paper waste while ‘Going Green’. Pundek both ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’!!!!!

Luckily at last, we found the paper, said on-on and ran towards the right direction. Pundek ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’, luckily we found the paper, or else the hashers will have more thrilling experience sleeping inside oil palm plantation area!!!!!

I did not realize whether there was a 2nd checkpoint as so frustrated with ‘Going Green’ theme proposed by ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’!!! However, I salute both the hares as they were roughly 7 rivers throughout the run before we arrive at 3rd checkpoint. I loved the rivers so much as it was adventures as we were going up and down, in and out, and push and pull each other out into and out from he rivers. In addition, I loved the adventures rivers parts when I had girls infront or behind me…I assume most of the guys loved it too.. Pervert ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’!!! Pundek ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’!!!

Once we reached the 3rd check, again we could not find the home trail due to Itchy Kang’s and Very Good’s, ‘Go Green’ policy!!! Pundek ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’!!! At last, we finished the run by doing back check home.

At 8.00pm, the GM called for the circle, and as usual the WHIP took control and many hashers sat on ice for various charges. Around 9.05pm, the circle had been dispersed and we proceed to a new Chinese Restaurant at Setia Indah.

All in all, the hashers had experienced a great run with a nice weather and delicious food.

Kanasai & Indomee

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2140

Run : 2140
Date 14th Oct 2009
Runsite : Taman Desa Tebrau .
Hare : Pang Leo 012-7702323
From Cola

Hare : Khor Bee Hong 016-7093018
From Cola

DATE : 14-10-2009
RUN NO : 2140

Today raining but luckily hares minta the rain to stop otherwise banyak air everywhere
and no sepak taraw to play play(don’t play play-by PCK) Run starts at 5:58pm (according to my Timex sportwatch) and towards the pylon(power transmission tower),veering to the left, ascending a slope to an open space. At a glance back many hashers are separated into different group, some talking cock & bull, some running, some jogging, & majority walking. That’s the beautiful part of hashing, if you can’t run, you jog or walk nobody forcing you but must know how to drink the golden fluid.
From the open space toward the border of Taman JB Perdana the trail led into the bushes and up the steep slope near the water tank. Thereafter, all the way up the small hill where the bicycle hash use to do the stunt. The first check was not placed at cross junction but at the descending slope, here many lazy bastards got bitten by mosquitoes for standing still and refusing to do the checking. The check was easily broken by Itchykang near an open area down the hill .The trail enters into the palm oil trees towards the pipe line and a group SCBs was already in front, heard them talking cock n ccb.
Second check was a back check in the rubber plantation. Some bastards were just standing there waiting for the call for On! On! but was punished again by the blood suckers. The check was broken by Mongol and by this time most of the hashers had gathered around. The rubber plantation trail led to the gas pipe line and home trail was found along the perimeter of the water tank. Front runners completed the run in 1 hour and the last was back by 7:20pm.
Abundant of finger foods and water melon was devoured instantly until some hashers forget to check out. Circle was called and 1 minute silent was observed for our fellow hasher Wonder Woman’s mother passing away. No elaboration on the circle cos as usual the same routine but this time round was less noisy. Proposal to have a water gun was made during committee meeting to tackle those noisy hashers. Beware you bastards noisy hashers, you get wet or zip your mouth. My opinion is the circle should be more lively with all the hashers participating in ????(any suggestion from fellow hashers are most welcome.)
On On was at Sin Ji restaurant Tmn Johor Jaya, foods was served simultaneously together with white rice. Within half an hour all foods are served and eaten, some started making way for second round to beer garden nearby. All in all, run is good, finger and restaurant foods are ok lah.
Thank you hares and co hares for the job well done.
On! On!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Skudai H3

2nd Moon Festival Run @ Taman Impian Emas.

More pictures pls click Superman

Friday, October 2, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2139

Run : 2139
Date 07th Oct 2009
Runsite : Senai.
Hare : Soh Big 019-7543330

From Cola

Hare : Bulldozer 019-7116621
From Cola

Johor Bahru Hash Chapters

JB HHH - Wednesday – Mixed ; 6.00pm (Founded : January 1967) by A. Lammers.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM10-00 Contacts: Ice Cream Tel : 019-7711556.

TANJUNG PETRI HHH – Monday – Men ; 6.00pm (Founded : 9-11-1979)Beer : TIGER GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: Jaya Botak Tel : 019-7705007.

GUNUNG PULAI HHH – Tuesday – Men ; 6.00pm (Founded : 8-12-1998) by Koh Teng Chu.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: OKC GM Tel : 016-7120355.

JB HASH HOUSE HAZARDS – Thursday – Men; 6.00pm (Founded : 11-4-1996) by Simon Chan.Beer : TIGER GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: Lim Seng Bok Tel : 019-778 5577

KULAI HHH – Friday – Mixed ; 6.00pm (Founded : 2-3-1978) by Lam Chon Fa.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM10-00 Contact: Ikan Bilis +6019 778 9925.

KOJAK HASH - Run every 2nd Friday of the month Mixed :5.30pm (Founded : 14th Aug 2009)By Moh Man Tai . RM 20.Contact : Moh Man Tai Tel : 012-7103306

JCSC HHH - Run every last Friday of the month – Mixed ; 6.00pm (Founded : 28-12-2007) .Beer : Tiger. GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: Bernard Tel : 016-7233330.

JB BICYCLE HASH - Friday -Mixed .5.30pm.Founded GM Lee Fook Heng ,Contact : Mongol Yap Tel : +6016 723 1331.

JB CITY HASH – Saturday – Mixed ; 5.30pm (Founded : 1-1-1994)by K.Y. Teh.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM15-00 Contacts:Disco Singh Tel : 012-700 2868

KOTA TINGGI HHH – Sunday - Mixed ; 5.30pm (Founded on 31-12-1990) by James Ooi.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM10-00 Contacts: KCB Tel : 019-770 4676.

SKUDAI HHH - Sunday- Mixed : 5:45pm. Guest Free : RM 10 .Contact : Double V 013-7754382.



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