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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers 2225

DATE: 1st June 11
HARES :HANDSOME LAW 012-7887966/ANTHONAI016-7062329

Sunday, May 22, 2011


From Cola

Date : 11th June 2011 (Saturday)
Venue : Swimming Pool, Stadium Kluang.
Run Start : 4.50pm, 5.30pm ( start the running)
Damage : RM 35.00
Contact : Lelong 012-7703011

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers 2224

WHEN:25th May 11
HARES:CUCI JAMBAN 019-7564563/MOSES 016-7187229
HOW: From North-South Highway,take Kempas exit & head towards Seelong. Drive Past Starhill Golf Resort & look for HHH signs on your left.

Venue: Taman Berindustrial Berjaya Date: 24.5.11
Hares: Moses N Cuci Jamban
Hello! My name is Lau Chau Ngi. Hash peeple call me Handsome. Wemen say I look
preety. But men say no agree. Last Wetnessday run Nyonya tell me piss no forget do
writing up or what thay call scrub. Aiyoyo must writing in Inggish ah! I can only writing
Chineese lah. I last time go Nantah U in Singapore. No go to Arseford U in Englund. So no
can writing Ang Moh. But if I writing in Chineese than no fair to Moh Mun Tai, Subra,
Hindomee. So I asrse my son help me and I allso check inggish dicksernary lah,
Todai belly good wherether but belly hot. Run go inside oil pump. Than go inside rubbar
tree.Than go round and round Some peeple go giddy. Run not long and also not sort. Can
see Seng Bock and Sek Can sort cut walkking belly slowlly talkking cock and bool. Than
come back got hot ang tau chooi and also doh no what name kueh.
Aftar take bath GM call circus at 8.10pm. Wah so many many appel to eat. Moh Mun Tai
go up tell us he leeving J.B. He got job in Pillipeen and allso got Pillipeeno girl friend.
Good lucklah! Than So Big got 600 mugg and allso Cuci got 500 mugg. Kongkektulation!
We than go lestorunt 63 to eatting on on. Got six table. Food nott bad. Belly filling. Got
food. Got beer. Got many talkking. Eveliboddy belly happi. Now go home got wife to
waiting. You know ah, I takking four hour to writting this scrub. Bely lucki onlly one year
one time!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers 2223

WHEN : 18th May 11 REHASH
HOW: Take North-South Highway, before Kempas toll turn left into Kempas Road. Drive on and turn at the junction to Taman Impian Emas/Southern College, look for HHH
signs.Alternatively from Skudai old road turn right into Kempas.

Run No: 2223 Venue: Taman Impian Emas Date: 18.5.11
Hares: Aluminium Cock/Orang Minyak
The very heavy downpour before the run caused massive congestion along the major arteries and a near gridlock along Pasir Gudang highway.So, by turning into Mt. Austin from Kota Tinggi road, and thence heading towards Taman Daya, Bandar Dato Onn and emerging onto the N/S highway sliced my travelling time quite significantly. The runsite was somewhat dry. Perhaps the rain stopped much much earlier here.

There was a marked increase in attendance today, noticeably augmented by the presence of Aluminium Cock's buddies who would have been MATT (missing all the time). There was also a good turnout from the guys and gals from Kulai, Scudai and Gunong Pulai chapters. We were flagged off into the park grounds at one minute past six. The run which many resolute hashmen look forward to each week, too providing a good sweat and getting the adrenalin pumping into over-drive, turned out to be an anti-climax.
Awaiting them was a frustatingly short run. A trail in the form of an arc of a semi-circle near the vicinity of the Singapore P.U.B.. This short run was the result of some unforeseen confusion over the availability of the co-hares (we were led to believe). The common practice among friends in the J.B. hash is to show gratitude to any helpers by gathering and partaking of, preferably, Bak Kut Teh in a group.Anyway, amidst the bustle of today's run a hero emerged out of the blue in the lumbering form of Lansi. His beloved life partner, while attempting to ford a stream, was suddenly pushed down-stream by the swift-flowing waters.

Like a knight in shining armour, he grabbed an Indonesian worker's bicycle nearby, jumped on and rode after his damsel in distress. This heroic episode deserves a citation for bravery. The FRBs hit home in about 25 minutes. A few were f.......ng the hares for botching up the run . Wonder Woman had the foresight not to complain but to continue her own run after checking in. A group of SCBs led by Mongol checked in within an hour, covering a greater distance than the actual trail.

Likewise there was plenty of action at the circle. The hash whip Handsome with his keen eyes on wrongdoers was happily whipping away.There was no dearth of eager floor-takers, such as Moh Mun Tai, Ah Ngor and Pang Leo, all taking turns to liven things up a notch. Two would-be members had their applications approved and were given the hash names Kotek and Tai Yi Mah. Postie received his 1300th run pewter horse and Aluminium his 200th run mug.
Congratulations to all of them.

Nearly 70 ravenous hashers gathered round seven tables at restaurant 63, Taman Impian Emas for the on on. The generous hares provided free beers and at the end of the evening it was FOC for the excellent fare.
Terima kasih banyak banyak or thank you many many to the hares for an unforgettable evening. Thank you also for a sweet and amazingly short run. Variety is the spice of life. No? See Ya!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Singapore Thirsdae Hash House Harriers 400th run on 7th May 2011

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers 2222

RUN NO: 2222
DATE: 11th May 11
HARES :DO RE MI 019-7518049/TONGKAT ALI 019-7547766
HOW: Take Tebrau-Kota Tinggi road, turn left to Ulu Tiram town. Travel for about 2km, before the football field search for HHH signs & turn right. Go all the way straight till the end

RUN NO.2222
DATE: 11.5.11
Driving towards the run-site rain clouds gathered above, threatening to pour down onto a parched landscape.
I found myself instinctively humming the children's evergreen tune we learned during our primary school days.
"Rain rain go away, come again some other day." Have I got my lyrics correct? Fortunately it held and the evening went about its business without hitch.

As of late I believe there has been a noticibly decrease in attendance for the past two or three weeks. Did the absentees popped over to Woodlands to attend the recent Singapore el ection rallies? No I think not. Just a cheeky conjecture on my part.

Run called at 6.00pm as usual. Left from the exit road and into familiar territory. Before long three groups of hashers went their separate ways. The diligent paper followers, the SCBs and the (enough lah) u-turn or back trackers. That's about all I can scribe on the evening as I belong to the third group as I trotted back to the run-site.

Menu at the run-site : Poh Piah, Mee Siam and watermelons. Thank you for getting me half-filled before the dinner. Maharajah then arrived and checked in. You must give him credit for he never fail to start his run even when he arrives late. As for the rest of the evening I don't know what transpired as I washed up and left to attend a meeting. You have to ask the others.

Thank you hares and cohares. On On!


Johor Bahru Hash Chapters

JB HHH - Wednesday – Mixed ; 6.00pm (Founded : January 1967) by A. Lammers.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM10-00 Contacts: Ice Cream Tel : 019-7711556.

TANJUNG PETRI HHH – Monday – Men ; 6.00pm (Founded : 9-11-1979)Beer : TIGER GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: Jaya Botak Tel : 019-7705007.

GUNUNG PULAI HHH – Tuesday – Men ; 6.00pm (Founded : 8-12-1998) by Koh Teng Chu.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: OKC GM Tel : 016-7120355.

JB HASH HOUSE HAZARDS – Thursday – Men; 6.00pm (Founded : 11-4-1996) by Simon Chan.Beer : TIGER GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: Lim Seng Bok Tel : 019-778 5577

KULAI HHH – Friday – Mixed ; 6.00pm (Founded : 2-3-1978) by Lam Chon Fa.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM10-00 Contact: Ikan Bilis +6019 778 9925.

KOJAK HASH - Run every 2nd Friday of the month Mixed :5.30pm (Founded : 14th Aug 2009)By Moh Man Tai . RM 20.Contact : Moh Man Tai Tel : 012-7103306

JCSC HHH - Run every last Friday of the month – Mixed ; 6.00pm (Founded : 28-12-2007) .Beer : Tiger. GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: Bernard Tel : 016-7233330.

JB BICYCLE HASH - Friday -Mixed .5.30pm.Founded GM Lee Fook Heng ,Contact : Mongol Yap Tel : +6016 723 1331.

JB CITY HASH – Saturday – Mixed ; 5.30pm (Founded : 1-1-1994)by K.Y. Teh.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM15-00 Contacts:Disco Singh Tel : 012-700 2868

KOTA TINGGI HHH – Sunday - Mixed ; 5.30pm (Founded on 31-12-1990) by James Ooi.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM10-00 Contacts: KCB Tel : 019-770 4676.

SKUDAI HHH - Sunday- Mixed : 5:45pm. Guest Free : RM 10 .Contact : Double V 013-7754382.



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