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Monday, December 28, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2151

Run : 2151
Date 30th Dec 2009
Runsite : Ulu Tiram Water Tank.
Hare : Long Cock 019-7793545 & Money Khoo 019-7784215

寄件者 Cola

寄件者 Cola

JB HHH RUN No. 2151 (30-12-2009)
The run-site at the TIRAM WATER-TOWER has been pillaged by metal thieves, leaving gaping deep trenches after the RC slabs have been pulverized; the takraw team had to manoeuvre their deft kicks so as to avoid landing the ball into these abyssal chasms! As the crowd swelled to the regular hundred or so, the time for the onslaught arrived and the Hares LONG COCK and MONEY KHOO shooed us off towards the back corner of the tower. The descent was a bit dicey due to the many hidden holes; Falling Bumper indeed lived up to his moniker and fell like Humpty-Dumpty!
The Run, according to Moh Mun Thai, was too short. Due to the confusion of the checkers, some of whom deserted to become SCBs, there were conflicting claims as to the number of checks. Ironman, who was the first in, said there were four while Assassin Heng, who apparently was one of the deserters, said there were only three! Whatever it was, as the short run was cohared by a platoon of SCBs (Botak Yeng and gang), not much ‘sex-citement’ was expected anyway. The in-trail proceeded tamely near the manager’s bungalow and then slid left towards a shallow ravine only swerve on a very early right-hander, away from the pipe; it didn’t even venture beyond the slopes of the pipe. In typical fashion, the SCBs were in sixes and sevens when they stumbled onto the red paper early; one group led by Tongkat Ali decided to forge forward towards the pipeline while another led by the GM decided to follow the reds assiduously and ambled safely home in just under the hour. The frontrunners were all looking rather untested and were accusing and counter-accusing one another for the near fiasco at the penultimate check.
To compensate for the insubstantial run, the Hares provided us with some substantial post-run food in the form of a spicy nasi lemak, jack-fruits, curry-puffs and an assortment of kuehs! With such an array of nosh who needs the On-On! Just when everyone has cleansed himself, it was discovered that our Skudai guest Karak and his young friend were MIA! Fortunately this habitual slow-coach has the good sense of equipping himself with a flashlight and that indeed guided them home, albeit midway through the circle. In the absence of the Whip, who has gone AWOL, Flintstone, Moh Mun Thai, Cepat Masuk, the GM himself, So Big and Mongol all assisted in lashing the whip and woe-betide those asses on the block when they decided to sing Dongfanghong’s national anthem! As most of the whippings were done impromptu, even the most frivolous offences were not let off the hook. Who needs a valid reason anyway? That’s hash! The GM stretched the Circle until 9 and we adjourned to Greenland Restaurant in Pelangi Indah for the On-On; the Hares graciously provided three bottles per table and the whole do was declared FOC! Mongol and his obstreperous tribe were creating such a racket it frightened the non-hashing diners to beat an early retreat! No wonder they were serving the dishes like flinging flying saucers! The message was clear, quickly eat and quickly eff-off!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


JBH Christmas Run 2009
Run : 2150
Date 23rd Dec 2009
Runsite : Seri Austin.
Itchy Kang

寄件者 Desktop
Run No : 2150 Run Date : 23th December 2009
Hare : Christmas Run OC-ed by Longkang and Aluminium Cock
Runsite: Seri Austin.

They have built a nice shade with proper table and seating at the edge of the pond at this popular runsite. Unfortunately, there was some earthwork on this particular day and a scenic run site was shadowed with dust and piles of earth by the roadside. However, the roasted lamb aroma greeted everyone with gee and turned the day into a highly anticipated one. Turnout was pretty good for members of about 100 strong but light for quest. This may be due to the RM40/RM60 that we collecting for members/guest fees, putting JBHHH again first in Malaysia on the feudal system of high taxes. Not something that we are proud of but with all the complains pouring in, we are lamenting onto 30/50. Somehow or other, we have to get out of the bad mindset of money over matters mentality in hash.

The run was good length for our current weather of early nightfall. The first double back check was misleading and few front runners went off course and ended up running their own trail in this familiar run site. More hash bastards ran than usual as this run was expected to be short, very unbelievable for the combination co hares of Yogi and Aji with no moto. Either they had a fight inside or for this particular day, senility had a day off…

The GM called the circle and on downs the OCs. This was followed by some handy panky games and a limbo rock contest. Just imagine our Tong Fang Hong doing a limbo. I have to give credit to the decorations at the run site, there was actually a Christmas tree set up!. The hash whip monkeyed the final moments of the circle with his ‘be de bab, be de boob’ class of jokes.

We went on to Setia Indah ( restaurant next to 711) for on on on. There was only 5 bottles per table of free liquid. Somebody commented that how come with our high damages, we still have to buy our own beer? If the GM has senses, he will take note…

Alas, like they say, you can either pick on a million little unpleasantness or focus on one big hash orgy of comaderie, fun and laughter…..what a great hash night…
On On
Saya Punya duit (Money Koo)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2149

Run : 2149
Date 16th Dec 2009
Runsite : Ulu Tiram Water Tank.
Hare : Shit Ass 019-7714146 & Ash Soo 016-7227188

寄件者 Cola

寄件者 Cola

Hares:Ash Soo & Shit Ass
Runsite: Ulu Tiram Water Tank
JBHHH Run No.2149
On On was called at 18:00hr and run started with decent descend down the hill into the oil palm plantation. The run veered left down from second hill and first check was placed at another uphill and easily broken by the FRBs but no one bother to join the paper. I joined the trail for the benefit of those slow hashers behind. After a while down hill the trail came to a longkang, Jimmy Choon jumped and missed his target, got his leg struck in the mud and need someone to pull him out. The second check was near the pylons caught many FRBs searching high and low around the hill. By this time many slow runners caught up with the FRBs. After 10 minutes Killer Heng found the check along the pylon and it was a back check. Along the pylons up and down the hills many hashers are complaining and grasping for more air. Heard, fucking hares so many hills!! Want to kill us hah!! Final check near the pipe line and home was all along the pipe line with 3 very steep hill slopes to climb. I took 75minutes to complete the run and all drain out ,dehydrated !
Look like a must tradition to provide finger food for the hungry hashers to refill their energy. Juicy water melons was available beside water and 100 plus to ease the thirst. Four SCBs Lan Si, Terko Liang, Tong Fang Hong and Son of Gun got lost and ended at Puala, mobile one race to their rescue. Circle was called at 20:02hr we sang sing low and 2 hash songs. Hares and cock hares Siang2 mabok, bulldozer were on down with golden fluid. Welcome our old hasher King Kong to visit us. Kim Chee became itchy with Chong song when LSB is not around, both were on down. While in the circle many hashers receive phone call and everyone guessing it is orang minyak called. But false alarm, orang minayak got lost when he is the last one to go in. Until circle is over he is yet to be heard or seen. Finally, he got a hitch from a Malay Samaritan all the way from Saujana near Tai Tak Estate to run site at 21:15hr.
ON ON was at Taman Pelangi Indah Retoran Hang Fang .Happy birthday to hares for 3 bottles of beer per table. Food was good but atmosphere was spoiled by slight drizzle. At 23:15hr I left and there is still 1 table with So Big, Bulldozer, Lau Chee, and about 10 hashers still drinking.
Thanks to Ash Soo and Shit Ass and also cock hares.
ON ! ON !

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2148

Run : 2148
Date 09th Dec 2009
Runsite : Taman Impian Emas.
Hare : Francis 017-7057762 & Jack Ass 012-7232935.

寄件者 Cola

寄件者 Cola


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2147

Run : 2147
Date : 2nd Dec 2009
Runsite :Technology Park .
Hare : Curly 016-7788530 & BJ 016-7177393.

From Pictures

Friday, November 20, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2146

Run : 2146
Date 25th Nov 2009
Runsite : Taman Pelangi Indah.
Hare : KCB 0197704676 & No Comdom 0197309200.

From jbh

From D&D

JB Run No : 2146 Runsite : Pelangi Indah
The Great wall of China CRAWL
Hi, arrived at the runsite Pelangi Indah, which was next door to those poor residence but high end houses, they will need to bear us bastards hashers merry making and out of tune foul language serenading bastards. However, The show must go on until we are arrested or band from trespassing with our filthy smelly diarrhoea of our mouth.
Some 68 + 10 turned up at the corner of Pelangi Indah for the run. The hot sunny evening didn’t detract the ball-kickers from their weekly ritual. HARE shouted ON ON with the slow start down hill toward the GREAT WALL OF CHINA the belied of the tribulations terrian ahead. Without much imagination trail took us to finish THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA walk ( no one can run with all the shaggy and subsequent muddy splatters ) , the trail timidly hit the remnant of the highway of Setia indah connecting Putri Wangsa. The 1st check was just 150m up at the rubber tree fringe.
By then only 25 die heart keen hashers were standing around at the 1st check, the rest of the 2 groups were no where in sight, I too decided to disband from them and headed towards setia indah direction of course not with the intention to end up there.
Not too far on the trail a group of regular SCBs led by a BIG BOSS was head our reverse trail, I wanted to shout the wrong way but on second thought, let them be it’s only for the better of them with more exercise after all, some hashers immediately pronounced it a fucked-up run, but the majority agreed it was a good run. Everyone came back in broad daylight and no one was injured, BBQed, raped, buggered, mauled, indomee, sotomee or tortured.
I didn’t see the rest of the FRBs, therefore rehash a little boring lah no choice lah, also can lah…
The only torture we suffered was on ICE!
The On-On was at Pelangi Indah Restaurant in Pelangi Indah and Food was fantastic. Big thank you to Hares KCB and No Condom for good run and evening.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2145

Run : 2145
Date 18th Nov 2009
Runsite : Plentong New Village.
Hare : Pai Ma 0127103664 & Samy 0197773114.

From jbh

From jbh

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Run No. 2145 18-11-2009
Hare : Pai Ma Samy (under the blanket)

Run-site : Central Label Sri Plentong

This is Ah Bui’s (was fat, now fit) factory, very good runsite. Ample parking space and best of all toilet facilities. Quite a good turn out 90 die hard hashers, wind rain no change. The run started off at 6.00pm with a little drizzle, we headed towards the back of the factory, crossed a stream and into the palm plantation.
The FRB very quickly disappeared ahead and at the back the SCB were chatting along.
My group of SCB headed by Ah Yo Yo, cut a big corner and met up with Moh Mun Tai which was iced later for short cutting. It was a good one hour brisk walk for us.
By 7.30pm everybody was back and circle was formed with the weekly ritual of hash songs and the whip doing his part to bring laughter into the circle with his senseless made up accusations of the hashers whose butt were iced.
On On was at Restoran Foong Sheng, Taman Molek.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2144

Run : 2144
Date 11th Nov 2009
Runsite : Taman Impian Emas.
Hare : 555 0127211555 & Ice Cream 0197711556

From Cola

From Cola

Run No : 2144 Date : 11-11.2009
Hares: 555/Ice Cream Co-hares: Fiona,Guo Siang, Silver Fox,003(Kulai member)

Runsite : Taman Impian Emas

Pre-Run –Turnout was exceptionally good today with 126 members and guests attending the run. There was a large contingent from Kulai, Skudai and a few other chapters who came in support of the hares. The other pulling factor is the free t-shirts. The weather was good especially after the erratic thunderstorms over the last few days. In fact it did rain in some areas but somehow the run site was spared. Moh Man Tai was showing off his leg with a swelling the size of a tennis ball below his knee which he got from his exploits from pole dancing at the D & D.

Run-The hares shouted On !On! at 6.00 sharp and as usual the FRBs made a dash to the forefront. This was a 3 check run of about 7 km. The trail started with a 2 km open area before it went into the oil palm plantation. There was a deep ravine and this was a pleasant sight with all runners helping each other to ascend. The run was not complicated and the checks were easily broken. The FRB started getting back at 6.50 pm onwards with the last runner returning at 7.15 pm. The hares offered an assortment of kueh and water melon at the run site. A high quality t-shirt was also given out.
Circle- The circle was large due to the big turnout. Circle started with the swing low and followed by Moh Man Tai rendering a few raunchy Hash songs. The Whip ,Handsome was somewhat quiet but still managed to find victims to warm the ice seat. GM was not spared and had to sit a few times. Due to the large crowd, circle beer finished at 8.05pm.GM send an SOS and within 15 minutes 2 additional crates were at hand to appease the thirsty hashers. Hares are reminded to request the beer wagon to bring some spare crates if they anticipate a larger crowd.

On On- was at Restoran Impian Emas ,a fairly new joint. 10 tables were packed to the brink with the hungry hashers. The food dished out was good with a variety of dishes.

The hares collected RM 10/- per head but decided to give it away as charity. A total of RM 1000/- was collected from the dinner but with the GM’s request to top up this amount our generous hashers came forward with another RM 1500/-.The donation was made to JK Pembinaan Sekolah SJK (Thorburn) at Mutiara Rini. Beer continued to flow with the die hards staying back . I left at about 11.00 pm but many continued with their drinking session.

Well done to the hares 555 and Ice Cream for a splendid evening with the beautiful T-shirt, good food and wonderful atmosphere. Your contribution towards a good cause will also augur well for the reputation of JBHHH. Happy Hashing!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2143

Run : 2143
Date 04th Nov 2009
Runsite : Seri Alam.
Hare : Tong Fang Hong 012-7041978

From Cola

Hare : J.Walker 07-3332715
From Cola



Scribe By : 555 & ICE CREAM
Run No : 2143
Venue : Seri Alam
Date : 04th, November 2009


It is a raining day and course traffic jammed while we on the way to run site. Although the weather was cool and drizzling but our members and guest start warming up their fat fat body and exercised their 2 pieces of lips with smiling face. Of coursed the Sepak Takraw team score their kicking points between each others.

Before the On On shouted, the branded liquor Johnny Walker briefing to all of us about the runs and arrow to the entrance of right hand side of usual trail. The front runner very short while disappeared in the small jungle.

Due to rain just over, the trail was wet and muddy. It was told by hare there are three (3) checks in the trail about 8km +- distance will across river to river and hill to hill. Sorry I cant tell you much about the trail because today I am short cutter. A group of SCB lead by Juicy Kan were slowly moving and recalled the last Saturday D & D event. They are seemed to be very enjoyed during the Halloween Night. Around 6.45pm FCB already
returned back to the run site.

Normally back to the base, the hares will get ready a few type of kuih kuih to serve all the runners, today still the same. This is our JBHHH culture Good Finger Food with energy drinks.

Circle start at 8.0 pm , after our hash songs as usual the offender one by one to sentenced on iced. GM showed a New Water Gun in the circle to punish those talking buster. According to our regulation only next week hares entitle to hold the gun. The first Gun shooter was 555 and Mongkol, Cola be the victims. Circle closed after announcement of next week run by representative Pang Leo.

Happy Birthday to the following babies : Kim Chee, Francis Ho, 2 In One, Shit Ass, Doremi, More Beer, Anthoney, Cuci Jambang, Cathay Ang, Sun Of Gun , Moses Gan
And Tongkat Ali, whishing you Happy All The Day and Enjoy life with Hashing!!!.

On On at Foo Too Restaurant with seven (7) tables of delicious dishes, against good food, good beer, good bye to all friends.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

JBHHH Dinner & Dance 2009

2009-10-31 JBH D&D 2009

D&D 1

Halloween Night * 万圣节化妆舞会 *
JBHHH Dinner & Dance

Date : 31st Oct 2009 Venue : New York Hotel / 25th Floor
Registration start : 6pm
**There will be 2 makeup artist to make you look special for D & D night.
Please be there at time 6:00pm

From Cola

JBHHH 2007 Dinner & Dance Pictures...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deepavali Run 2009

Run : 2142
Date 28th Oct 2009
Runsite : Taman Pelangi Indah.
OC : Kanasai 019-7771961.

From Cola

Run No.2142
Deepavali Run
OC : Kanasai & Indomee
Pelangi Indah


The evening was overcast & drizzling as I drove to the run site. When I reached the run site, the drizzle has stopped. There was a tent erected for the evening festivities.
In the tent, a hasher was taking down names for the Christmas run and out station run, another was taking attendance for D&D, and registration for the Deepavali run. The turnout was less than a hundred.
The run started at 6pm. The beginning of the run, there were many gallies to traverse and a steep slope. I was one of the SCBs and soon we were making our own run.
Arrived back at the run site at 6.45pm. The last runner came out at around 8pm.
Circle was called at 8.10pm. The usual defaulters for one reason or another were iced. Circle ended at 9.15pm.
The food was buffet style, good Indian curry chicken and mutton and etc…
All good things must come to an end. Everyone called it an early night and dispersed around 11pm.
Thank you for a very enjoyable Deepavali run.
On On

2009-10-29 Deepavali Run 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2141

Run : 2141
Date 21st Oct 2009
Runsite :Seri Austin .
Hare : Very Good (Goh Baby) 012-7890760

From Cola

Hare : Itchy Kang 016-7783106.
From Cola

Hare : Itchy Kang & Very Good
Run Site : Seri Austin
Run No : 2141
Date : 21/10/2009


Hello pundek! I arrived to the run site around 5.26pm. Upon arrival, the sepak takraw gang was heading and kicking as usual. I remembered running in this run site long time ago, when the shop houses were not completed yet.

After checking in, I was busy handling for the Deepavali run registration and the collection of fee. At 6.00pm, the hare called all the hash members and guests to gather around, gave some briefing and showed the route for the run. Around 100 members and guests turned out for this run.

The run begun from the road for quite a long distance before entering the Oil Palm Plantation area. It was indeed a nice run until we reach the 1st checkpoint. The thrilling experiences and confusions set in motion as all the hashers were going in different directions to look out for the paper. This reflects the noble heart of ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’ in using less papers in the effort of reducing paper waste while ‘Going Green’. Pundek both ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’!!!!!

Luckily at last, we found the paper, said on-on and ran towards the right direction. Pundek ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’, luckily we found the paper, or else the hashers will have more thrilling experience sleeping inside oil palm plantation area!!!!!

I did not realize whether there was a 2nd checkpoint as so frustrated with ‘Going Green’ theme proposed by ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’!!! However, I salute both the hares as they were roughly 7 rivers throughout the run before we arrive at 3rd checkpoint. I loved the rivers so much as it was adventures as we were going up and down, in and out, and push and pull each other out into and out from he rivers. In addition, I loved the adventures rivers parts when I had girls infront or behind me…I assume most of the guys loved it too.. Pervert ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’!!! Pundek ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’!!!

Once we reached the 3rd check, again we could not find the home trail due to Itchy Kang’s and Very Good’s, ‘Go Green’ policy!!! Pundek ‘Itchy Kang’ and ‘Very Good’!!! At last, we finished the run by doing back check home.

At 8.00pm, the GM called for the circle, and as usual the WHIP took control and many hashers sat on ice for various charges. Around 9.05pm, the circle had been dispersed and we proceed to a new Chinese Restaurant at Setia Indah.

All in all, the hashers had experienced a great run with a nice weather and delicious food.

Kanasai & Indomee

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2140

Run : 2140
Date 14th Oct 2009
Runsite : Taman Desa Tebrau .
Hare : Pang Leo 012-7702323
From Cola

Hare : Khor Bee Hong 016-7093018
From Cola

DATE : 14-10-2009
RUN NO : 2140

Today raining but luckily hares minta the rain to stop otherwise banyak air everywhere
and no sepak taraw to play play(don’t play play-by PCK) Run starts at 5:58pm (according to my Timex sportwatch) and towards the pylon(power transmission tower),veering to the left, ascending a slope to an open space. At a glance back many hashers are separated into different group, some talking cock & bull, some running, some jogging, & majority walking. That’s the beautiful part of hashing, if you can’t run, you jog or walk nobody forcing you but must know how to drink the golden fluid.
From the open space toward the border of Taman JB Perdana the trail led into the bushes and up the steep slope near the water tank. Thereafter, all the way up the small hill where the bicycle hash use to do the stunt. The first check was not placed at cross junction but at the descending slope, here many lazy bastards got bitten by mosquitoes for standing still and refusing to do the checking. The check was easily broken by Itchykang near an open area down the hill .The trail enters into the palm oil trees towards the pipe line and a group SCBs was already in front, heard them talking cock n ccb.
Second check was a back check in the rubber plantation. Some bastards were just standing there waiting for the call for On! On! but was punished again by the blood suckers. The check was broken by Mongol and by this time most of the hashers had gathered around. The rubber plantation trail led to the gas pipe line and home trail was found along the perimeter of the water tank. Front runners completed the run in 1 hour and the last was back by 7:20pm.
Abundant of finger foods and water melon was devoured instantly until some hashers forget to check out. Circle was called and 1 minute silent was observed for our fellow hasher Wonder Woman’s mother passing away. No elaboration on the circle cos as usual the same routine but this time round was less noisy. Proposal to have a water gun was made during committee meeting to tackle those noisy hashers. Beware you bastards noisy hashers, you get wet or zip your mouth. My opinion is the circle should be more lively with all the hashers participating in ????(any suggestion from fellow hashers are most welcome.)
On On was at Sin Ji restaurant Tmn Johor Jaya, foods was served simultaneously together with white rice. Within half an hour all foods are served and eaten, some started making way for second round to beer garden nearby. All in all, run is good, finger and restaurant foods are ok lah.
Thank you hares and co hares for the job well done.
On! On!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Skudai H3

2nd Moon Festival Run @ Taman Impian Emas.

More pictures pls click Superman

Friday, October 2, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2139

Run : 2139
Date 07th Oct 2009
Runsite : Senai.
Hare : Soh Big 019-7543330

From Cola

Hare : Bulldozer 019-7116621
From Cola

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Torchlight Run 2009
Run : 2138
Date 30th Sep 2009
Runsite : Indahpura .
OC : Ice Cream 019-7711556

From Cola

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kulai Hash Moon Festival Run

From Cola

Kulai Hash House Harriers Moon Festival Run
Date : 2nd Oct 2009
Venue : Temple Hong Xian Da Di, Sengkang.
Damage : Member : RM 20.
Family : RM20.
Guest : RM 30

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2137

Run : 2137
Date 23rd Sep 2009
Runsite : Plentong New Village.
Hare : Siang-Siang Mabuk 019-7776613

From Cola

Hare : Lat Bumper 012-7270258
From Cola


Date : 23/09/2009
Venue : Plentong Industries Estate
Scribe : Ice Cream & Lan Si

The Lunar 7th Month Festival just over and follow by the Romantic Month -- Moon Cakes Celebration.

In fact the virgin hares decided to set the run site at the Plentong Palm Oil Estate, where we able to park our cars beside the uneven earth road or grasses pipe line reserve area. Although they are junior but when Thunder and Lighting together with Raining visited the place while they having Bak Kut Teh, immediately they changed the run site to New Plentong Industrial Area a factory lot owned by a guest called Ah Pui (Benard Lim) .

A group of Sepak Takraw team member practice on the grass field beside the factory. Hares busy to carry out his duty and Torch light Run OC busy for the registration and collection.

Around 6.0 pm briefing was given by Siang Siang Mabok before the run start.
After On On shouted all the members and guest ran toward the High Tension Pylon. A distance of 2km from the starting point we noticed that certain FCB unable to climbed up an earthwork slope , some of them returned back and follow people instead of follow hares’ paper to the right way. A lot of Cow’s shit along
the trail . Suddenly we saw a Big and Black Cow ran the same direction with us ,
luckily it didn’t hurt any one of us, but short while it already disappeared in the palm oil threes.

With the assistant of senior co-hare Flintstone the trail was not too tough, approximately of 10km with three (3) tricky checks. About 7.30pm majority of members had returned back to the site bay. The hares had prepared the finger food like a small buffet to served those hungry runners.

Its time for circle, the night slightly quite without music played. After the song ‘Swing Low’ the hares and co-hares were invited on ice with a toast of beer. The offenders Guo Siong, Ice Cream and 555 were called on ice with the charged of littering the circle areas.

Congratulation to two members who had achieved their runs record . Our Grandmaster – Bulldog achieved 600 runs , Ash Soo achieved 50 Run.

On On at Restaurant Fong Sheng , served with seven (7) tables delicious food and free two bottles of beer for each table. Many thanks to hares and co-hares for good runs, good finger tips , good makan and good beer. All the BEST to our members and Guest ‘Happy LANTERN Festival’

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Benny Lim ( Free Beer) 1948~2009

From Desktop


It is with the deepest and most profound sadness that I have to pen this few lines for my dear departed friend Benny Lim whom we affectionately call Free Beer, who passed away on the morning of 20th August, 2009, after succumbing to a heart attack.
I know Benny through the Hash. This short and congenial fellow, who is always accompanied by his faithful wife Christina, is a regular on our Wednesday runs; although he will come for a stroll he always enjoyed the good fellowship and the socialising in the Hash. Benny hailed from Segamat and has many friends there; he even brought a few of his old-town chums to be guests in our Hash on many occasions. He is a man of few words but when he spoke and interjected it was always with witticism and with a good sense of humour.
Benny was a scion of an illustrious Hailam family from Segamat and I have always teasingly called him ‘Hailam-Kia’ which he will accept with a broad toothy grin. We will miss his low sultry baritone voice and the times when we ‘accused’ him and Christina for partaking of more they can chew at the post-run finger food fest. Every time I bellowed at him, in jest, about his gluttony, he will reply to me in Hokkien, ‘Nerng-teh Niar!’ (Two pieces only!), and we all ended up laughing at one another and no one was hurt. I seldom or in fact have never seen or heard him shouting any expletives to anyone in anger. If at all this quiet fellow ever was angry, he never displayed it nor ever showed any ugly behavior and no one ever tasted the wrong end of his wrath.
On a personal note, I have, as a lawyer, represented him on some legal matters and I found him to be reasonable, honest and sincere in all his business dealings; he was never the fastidious or what our local parlance termed the ‘ngiow’ type.
To Christina we offer our heartfelt condolence; as Benny will want you to, garner strength from you grief and life goes on, for ultimately all must pass this way one day; for life is given to none freehold, but it is a lease-hold for all.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers Run 2136

Run : 2136
Date 16th Sep 2009
Runsite : Ulu Tiram Water Tank.
OC : Ba Ba & Ma Ma
From Cola
JB HHH RUN No.2136 [ 16/9/09 ]
Hare : Baba & Mama Chong
Runsite : Ulu Tiram Water Tank

As usual we began our run at 6.00pm. Weather was cool and nice though run distance was a litter bit short, about 6km.All completed safely quite early.

Circle started at 7:50pm. Even though our Whip was not around, all the monkeys are well behaved. Many thanks to So Big and Flinstone for job well done.

One guess King Kong was call in to sit on ice for showing of his sissy body during the run. We learn that in his younger days, he competed in Mr.Universe contest. Pundak! What so great about it, all the monkeys here has the same or even better body figure…………viewing from bottom. Our Tham Sook happily ran to the center to show off his perfect ticks and six packs or rather eight packs to King Kong. Other monkeys than follows.

During the circle, we were given a special demonstration by So Big on the dos and don’ts of doing our duty knelling down and jerking on one leg. The other leg at 90 degree. Just like yellow dog shoot urine (as Cantonese use to say). For those who don’t follow the correct technique will end up so shown by the person who was sitting on ice known as One Night Stand.

Have our ON ON in Pelangi Indah.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers 2135

Hantu Run
Run : 2135
Date 9th Sep 2009
Runsite : Plentong Tong Fang Hong's Factory.
OC : Terko Liang

JB HHH RUN No. 2135 (090909)


Traditionally in the Lunar 7th month the Chinamen appease the ‘Good Brothers’ of the Netherworld so as to leave them alone and bring them good fortune! And for the fourth year in a row it is held at DONGFANGHONG’s PLENTONG LIEN HUAT FACTORY. The air of festivity was clouded by the air-pollution from the burning joss-sticks and the joss-papers; everyone was busy helping in one way or another, some were partaking of an early beer or two while the gluttons were all perched around the altar table chewing away the dukus. For once the takraw team has the luxury of an Indoor Stadium arena, but their game was in shambles due to the tight space.

While the Chinamen appeased the ghosts, the Bayee laid the run. Together with his henchman ANDY, DISCO SINGH has signed a long-term contract to lay the annual ghostly run. Expectedly the run was a walking stint of the unkempt palm plantation behind the Plentong Industrial Park. Initially we walked along the Taman with all the Rotan names; crossing the busy Masai Road, we passed the Catholic Majodi Centre and then strolled onto the pipe. An early contingent of SCBs made a bee-line for the posterior of the factories while the rest of us followed the paper across a sandy ravine. Whatever checks were all rendered redundant as the entire terrain is rather predictable; indeed the home trail hit back to the pipe and soon we found ourselves on the Majodi Road again.

After our ‘ghostly’ stroll, Coca Cola and Mian-See were hollering at the members to get their Pail of Auspicious Items and the t-shirt. Instead of the Hungry Ghosts, the Hungry Hashmen were all wolfing down the on-site buffet like as if there is no tomorrow! After satiating ourselves and washing up, the GM called proceedings to order; the normal Circle was cancelled and so after the OC TERKO LIANG’s short speech of appreciation, the much-awaited Auction of Auspicious Items started with a bang; the GM outbid everyone for the first three items and soon the bidding battles began! With the rising levels of intoxication, so rises the price of each item on offer! Disco, LSB, Handsome, Ajinomoto, One Night Stand, Lansi-Tan and the OC himself all helped to generate the heat while our bevy of beer-promoters went round to make sure that enough beer is drunk to make the bidders bolder! Two special items in aid of the Southern College were auctioned off for more thanRM7000 and the amount has to be paid in two weeks. The headmaster of the Tamil school which we donated to from last year’s proceeds, came to thank us personally. See, our good deeds have been recognised!

After the final tally by our annual ghostly book-keeper Botak Yeng, the amount raised was well over RM37000 which is about the same as last year’s. The proceedings finally came to an end at about 11 when the last item was quickly sold as by then the bidding crowd has dwindled to a handful!


CHONG BABA –钟德祥- descendant of ZHONG KUI-钟馗

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers 2134

Run : 2134
Date 2nd Sep 2009
Runsite : Ulu Tiram Water Tank.
Hare : Ayoyo 012-7853111 & 2 in 1 012-7708535

寄件者 www.colahhh.blogspot.com
寄件者 www.colahhh.blogspot.com

Friday, August 21, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash House Harriers 2133

Run : 2133
Date :26 Aug 2009
Runsite : Senai.
Hare : Soh Ass 019-7777861 & Law Chee 016-7847426.

寄件者 www.colahhh.blogspot.com

寄件者 www.colahhh.blogspot.com

Monday, August 17, 2009

Johor hash council 2009


(Gabungan Kelab Kelab Hash House Harriers Negeri Johor)


DATE: 04TH JULY, 2009 TIME: 2.00 PM

VENUE: THE CLUB-HOUSE OF YONG PENG HHH at No. 6-1, Tingkat Satu, Jalan Sutera, Taman Sutera, 83700 Yong Peng, Johor.

PRESENT: Yap Yau Chou (Chairman, Johor Bahru HHH);Lee Cheng Hoe, Lim Seng Bock (Tanjung Petri HHH);Bernard Lim, K.P. Shanmugam (JCSC Hash ); Tang Jee Kong (JB City Hash); Khoo Mun Hin (Kota Tinggi HHH); Gary Lai, Kent Teo (Penggaram Wankers HHH); Phua Yoke Na, Huan See Cheng (Yong Peng HHH); Varughese Mathews, Koid Tang Gwan (Cha’ah HHH); Chai Ah Yong, Thye Yuk Keong (Segamat HHH); Low Chee Meng, Sunny Tan (JB HH Hazards); P.Theenaparan, Ong Ka Chuan (Gunung Pulai HHH); Ang Hua Tiong, William Wong (Kulai HHH); Wong Kam Loong, Soh Choon Hock, Raymond Lim (Johor Bahru HHH); Ng See Sun (Skudai HHH);Chong Pak Seng (Gunung Lambak HHHH) and Gan Yean Hoi, Tan Hock Kim (Batu Pahat HHH).

OBSERVERS: Looi Nai Boon, M.Murugan (Malaysian Hash Council); Lucy (Api-Api Hash); Walking Tall (Royal Klang Club HHH) and James Bond; Antique Lim (Malacca Hash Council)


    The Chairman Yap Yau Chou apologised to all the delegates for the lethargy and non-activity these past two years; he said due to work commitment coupled with the ill health of his Hon. Secretary, he was unable to discharge his duties efficiently. He hopes that the incoming chairman and his committee can do a better job and revive the spirit of cooperation amongst the Johor Hash chapters.

    He thanked those who have in one way or another assisted the Johor Hash Council especially Yong Peng HHH who has always so graciously allow us the use of their premises for meetings.


    The Chairman said that the secretary is not well and the minutes cannot be prepared in time; however he said it will be circulated via email to all chapters. Lim Seng Bock proposed that the minutes be adopted subject to any objections from any of the chapters after the email has been sent; if there are any errors or objections the incoming committee shall have to address it and table it at the next ADM, if there are no amendments or objections then it shall be deemed to be adopted by this ADM. He was seconded by Wong Kam Loong.


    As there are no matters raised, the Chairman decided that we should move to the next item.


    Due to the lack of activities, there was not much to report and the Chairman once again apologised for this state of affairs which he regretted very much. Low Chee Meng then proposed that the annual report though brief and verbal shall be received as it is. He was seconded by Ang Hua Tiong.


    As the Treasurer Lee Tet Long was absent, Lim Seng Bock said he had been asked by the former to present the statement of account on his behalf. Also due to inactivity, the receipts and payments from previous year remained unchanged at RM7582.00. Phua Yoke Na proposed that the accounts be received and approved and was seconded by Ong Ka Chuan.


    The meeting unanimously appointed Bernard Lim to chair the elections. The following persons were proposed and seconded for the respective posts and were declared elected unopposed by the temporary chairman as there were no other candidates.

    Post Candidate Proposer Seconder ::

    Chairman Lim Seng Bock K.P. Shanmugan Yap Yau Chou

Hash Name : Loud Speaker .Tel : 012-7785577 .Email : loudspeakerbox@yahoo.com

    Vice-Chairman Soh Choon Hock Wong Kam Loong Lee Cheng Hoe

    Hash Name : So Big .Tel : 019-7543330 . Email : dutyquests@myjaring.net

    Secretary Lim Pay Yin Wong Kam Loong Raymond Lim

    Hash Name : Coca-Cola .Email : colahhh@gmail.com

    Asst. Secretary Raymond Lim Sunny Tan P. Theenaparan

    Hash Name : Flintstone . Email : raylim@pc.jaring.my

    Treasurer Lee Cheng Hoe Lim Seng Bock Yap Yau Chou

    Hash Name : Admiral . Email : admiral@pd.jaring.my

    Asst. Treasurer Ang Hua Tiong Wong Kam Loong Ong Ka Chuan

    Hash Name : Timber Ang

    The incoming Chairman Lim Seng Bock proposed that the Grandmaster of each chapter shall ex-officio be the club representative in the committee; this proposal was unanimously accepted.


    The Chairman then invited the meeting to appoint two internal auditors; by popular acclamation Ong Ka Chuan and Chong Pak Seng were appointed auditors for the year 2009/2010.


    The meeting decided that since the Council has just revived from dormancy, it is better for the incoming committee to chart the course of events and fix the budget accordingly after their first committee meeting.

    1. Lim Seng Bock raised the subject of the Annual Johor Joint Run which has been shelved for a couple of years; he said only Segamat Monday, Kahang, Layang-Layang, Muar Phoenix and Skudai have not hosted this annual gathering. He further added that the levy of RM30 be maintained and that the hosting chapter shall only be required to provide the basics and not to be too lavish. The main aim is to promote goodwill and fellowship among Johor hashers.
    2. K.P. Shanmugan proposed that we should do a charity run for the Red Crescent which Tengku Zarith can give us support; the meeting request that he furnishes more details to the incoming committee.
    3. Lee Cheng Hoe wants to know what happened to the affiliation-fees of Johor Chapters; Lim Seng Bock replied that since 2003 when Tan Too Giok (Captain) was the Treasurer the JHC has decided not to collect the affiliation-fees for the time being as there are not much expenses required.
    4. Chong Pak Seng expressed his displeasure over the JHC’s lack of activities and leadership for the last two and half years; he said as the GM of Gunung Lambak he found it extremely awkward when he is confronted by his own members about the well-being of the JHC to which he has no reply. He further hopes that the incoming committee makes it a point to take turns to go round all Johor to visit and foster relationship with affiliates.
    5. Lim Seng Bock explained to Chong Pak Seng that it is quite unfair to level criticism at the outgoing Chairman; he explained that at the time when the position fell vacant both the previous two Chairmen, Lim Seng Bock himself and Wong Kam Loong had some domestic predicaments that require their attention and Dato Rughber Singh from Muar was supposed to take over; due to whatever reasons the latter failed to turn up at that ADM and did not indicate his intention to assume the position and Yap Yau Chou was more or less ‘forced’ into the chair; coupled with the fact that his Secretary has some health problems the JHC was thus crippled.
    6. Thye Yuk Keong requests that the JHC sets up a Website so that all information from all Johor chapters can be posted therein; Raymond Lim assured him that he and the new Secretary Lim Pay Yin will be working it soon.
    7. Tan Hock Kim and Chong Pak Seng expressed the hope that the JHC committee should not be monopolised by JB chapters only; Lim Seng Bock replied that unlike previous terms, the other districts are not quite willing to take up the positions, he further added that in the past there were reps from Kluang and Muar but due to distance they find it difficult to communicate; perhaps in this modern day and age with new lines of contact this problem will solve by itself.
    8. Ang Hua Tiong brought up the subject of Hash calendar of events clashing; the incoming chairman then requested that all those chapters who are hosting functions to submit their dates and details early to the JHC secretary who will post it on the Website; this calendar will also be relayed to the MHC for coordination on a national level.
    9. The new Chairman then invited those chapters who will be hosting functions to announce on the spot.
      1. Koid Tang Gwan announced that Cha’ah HHH will be hosting their 22nd Anniversary on 07th November 2009 and the levy is RM60.
      2. Tan Hock Kim informed that Batu Pahat HHH will be holding their annual dinner and dance on 12th December 2009 and the cost is RM80 per person.
      3. Phua Yoke Na announced that Yong Peng HHH will organise a Hantu Run on 21st August 2009 and the registration fee is RM40.
      4. Gary Lai from Penggaram Wankers announced that his chapter will be celebrating their 777 Run on 29th August 2009 and the event is FOC for Batang chapters only.
      5. Lee Cheng Hoe the GM of Tanjung Petri HHH announced that they will be hosting their 30th Anniversary on 10th October 2009 and the levy is RM60 and the event is strictly for Batangs only.

  1. The Chairman then invited the distinguished observers to address the meeting to canvass for their respective functions
      1. The first to address the meeting was M. Murugan, Chairman of Malaysian Hash Council; he gave a brief background on the general principles and tenets of hashing and also expressed his hope that the hashing brotherhood will burgeon and foster friendly relationship among chapters and more statewide joint runs will be organised; he congratulated the JHC for being the first state to have such an umbrella body. He also hopes that the Johor chapters will contribute their full support for national hash functions.
      2. Looi Nai Boon (Uncle Looi) then held the floor to beseech those chapters that are not already affiliated to MHC to do so immediately as he has brought with him the relevant forms.
      3. Walking Tall then addressed the meeting to canvass support for the Malaysian Nash Hash which will be hosted by Royal Klang Club HHH from 12th to 14th March 2010; he then passed the registration forms around and announced that if each chapter can list out a group of 10 in each form, the registration fee shall be RM200 per participant instead of RM250 stated in the form; this is a special offer to Johor chapters.
      4. Antique Lim from the Malacca Hash Council canvassed support for the 1st World Heritage Run in Malacca which also coincides with the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the Portuguese arrival in Malacca; the event will be over 15th to 17th April 2011 and the registration fee is RM150
      5. Next Lucy from Api-Api Hash (Sabah) promoted their 15th Anniversary Run on 19th-20th March, 2010; the levy is RM150. She passed the forms to those present and received an overwhelming response.
  1. There being other business, Varughese Mathews then proposed that meeting be adjourned and was seconded by Koid Tang Gwan; the chairman adjourned the meeting at 3.45 pm

    ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------

    Chairman Secretary

    Lim Seng Bock Lim Pay Yin

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Johor Bahru Hash Chapters

JB HHH - Wednesday – Mixed ; 6.00pm (Founded : January 1967) by A. Lammers.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM10-00 Contacts: Ice Cream Tel : 019-7711556.

TANJUNG PETRI HHH – Monday – Men ; 6.00pm (Founded : 9-11-1979)Beer : TIGER GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: Jaya Botak Tel : 019-7705007.

GUNUNG PULAI HHH – Tuesday – Men ; 6.00pm (Founded : 8-12-1998) by Koh Teng Chu.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: OKC GM Tel : 016-7120355.

JB HASH HOUSE HAZARDS – Thursday – Men; 6.00pm (Founded : 11-4-1996) by Simon Chan.Beer : TIGER GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: Lim Seng Bok Tel : 019-778 5577

KULAI HHH – Friday – Mixed ; 6.00pm (Founded : 2-3-1978) by Lam Chon Fa.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM10-00 Contact: Ikan Bilis +6019 778 9925.

KOJAK HASH - Run every 2nd Friday of the month Mixed :5.30pm (Founded : 14th Aug 2009)By Moh Man Tai . RM 20.Contact : Moh Man Tai Tel : 012-7103306

JCSC HHH - Run every last Friday of the month – Mixed ; 6.00pm (Founded : 28-12-2007) .Beer : Tiger. GUEST FEE: RM20-00 Contacts: Bernard Tel : 016-7233330.

JB BICYCLE HASH - Friday -Mixed .5.30pm.Founded GM Lee Fook Heng ,Contact : Mongol Yap Tel : +6016 723 1331.

JB CITY HASH – Saturday – Mixed ; 5.30pm (Founded : 1-1-1994)by K.Y. Teh.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM15-00 Contacts:Disco Singh Tel : 012-700 2868

KOTA TINGGI HHH – Sunday - Mixed ; 5.30pm (Founded on 31-12-1990) by James Ooi.Beer : CARLSBERG GUEST FEE: RM10-00 Contacts: KCB Tel : 019-770 4676.

SKUDAI HHH - Sunday- Mixed : 5:45pm. Guest Free : RM 10 .Contact : Double V 013-7754382.



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